M-World has collaborated with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in Bangladesh to introduce an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service for Mungbean farmers in the southeast region. The pilot project, which began in 2023, targeted farmers in Patuakhali and Barguna. It provided important information and assistance to over 10,500 Mungbean farmers. The pilot project was a success, and paved the way for M-World to extend its IVR services to an even broader audience in 2024 and beyond.

This innovative platform leverages interactive voice response technology to deliver valuable weather updates to the farmers’ mobile phones. This eliminates the barriers faced by many farmers who may not have access to the internet or traditional extension services.

Farmers reported increased confidence in adopting best practices, thanks to the timely and tailored guidance provided by the IVR system.

Armed with accurate information and guidance, Mungbean farmers can optimize their farming practices, leading to increased crop yields, reduced losses, and ultimately, improved income.

As the project expands, it promises to revolutionize the way farmers engage with technology, making crucial information more accessible and actionable. By harnessing the power of interactive voice response, M-World is playing a pivotal role in transforming agriculture and improving the livelihoods of Mungbean farmers in the region.

Mental Health and SRH in Urban areas

In partnership with MDM (France), M-World worked with different stakeholders in different slum areas of Dhaka and Gazipur city implemented situation assessment and baseline study on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and Mental Health and Psychological Support Program (MHPSP). 

Followed by assessment training, capacity building and support mechanism developed on SRH and MHPHP involving qualified and trained professionals.

nutrition & Menstrual Hygiene campaign

In collaboration with Nutrition International (NI) and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, M-World developed different education materials which includes Public Services Announcements (PSAs) and nutrition and menstrual health and hygiene education materials. Ministry of Health and Ministry of education is also involved in leading this initiative.

These education materials are being used during the online training sessions and academic classes. Based on the success of this initiative more material and tools development is under process. Innovative field activation is also under process to engage adolescents, parents and gatekeepers. 


Cervical & breast cancer prevention

Boner Jonne VIA ( screening of breast cancer and cervical cancer in different locations). We developed innovative and online mechanisms including service linkages in this  connection This service is enabled in both rural and urban location. Besides service we also promote male engagement to facilitate this service. Workplace screening mechanism and satellite services are also developed.

SWAPNO (Health & nutrition for factories)

Funded by Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN). The goal of this project is to improve the nutrition status of Ready-Made Garments (RMG) workers by increasing the consumption of nutritious and safe food and raising awareness and capacity building in every level. The DPHI has developed an evidence-based, interactive communication strategy and tools on the importance of healthy diets with nutritious and safe food.

Dure Noy, Kache
(Assisted Telemedicine)

As part of assisted tele-medicine service, M-World conducts health session in hard to reach area where women don’t have access to visit medical doctor. With a view to provide service to these people in real need M-World with NGF – a national NGO connects with women and children. Service modality includes a facilitator/moderator at the patient end who helps to interpret the patient complaints, does primary examinations, counseling and follow up. As the patient gathers – doctor initiates a discussion session on preventive health which is moderated by paramedic. Doctor appears through the screen using internet and discussion starts.

Occupational Health and Safety initiative

With financial and technical support from International labour organization (ILO), M- World directly works with around 300 garment industies to promote health and safety as well as  supply of personal protective equipment. Overall training includes COVID 19 management, sfety precautions in factory and home, management roles, supporting day care center, lactating and pregnant women etc. The service provisions are being expanded to include innovative health, population, nutrition, as well as oppupational health and safety issues.

Innovative Radio and SBCC Programs

M-World works to develop different SBCC campaign in colleboration with different stakeholders, radio stations, production staff, to develop and implement different SBC programming strategy and implementation guideline. Areas include communicable and non communicable diseases and linkages of service provisions with the SBC campaign and capacity building iniiatives. We have keen knowledge and understanding of developing online courses.

Nutrition Basket

M-World works as a supplier to UNDP’s urban nutrition project’s stakeholders on providing zinc enriched rice for the deserving and marginalized population with a view to improve nutritional status. M-World’s brand ZOTNO Zinc rice is included in the food basket for the deserving population with the goal to ensure Zinc and other micronutrition supplementation through the consumption of staple food rice. In this regard a longitudinal study is also being implemented.

Maacher Gari

Coming soon!

Pashe Achi

M-world implements a project targeting garments worker to provide them health care services through assisted tele-medicine mechanism in collaboration with SNV Netherlands, Duch Bangla chamber of commerce and industries and BKMEA. Project works with around 50000 garments workers and their families. Services include – assisted telemedicine, online laboratory facilities at 25 – 40% discounted rates, discussion sessions on occupational health, discussion on different aspects focusing – health and nutrition.


The Bangladesh D-Magic trial is a collaboration between University College London Institute for Global Health (IGH), Perinatal Care Project (PCP) (collaborative project of (BADAS) Diabetic Association of Bangladesh), the Bangladesh University of Health Sciences and M-World. Project aims was to improve maternal and newborn health in rural areas in Bangladesh. The project was implemented in 18 unions of 6 upazilas under 3 districts (Bogra, Faridpur and Moulvibazar) and covering around 534,000 population including 100,160 women of reproductive age. M-World role was to assist the project (Perinatal care) of BADAS to develop various applications and tools for quality service provision and Improving community awareness and participation through specific interventions of Communication, Information and Social mobilization.

Research initiatives in partnership with epidemiology and public Health department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University

M-World has been partner of numerous large scale and national surveys / studies in collaboration with BSMMU


M-World promotes safe and ready to cook fish which is formalin and pesticide free in collaboration with Rangs group and through online and other business partners in Dhaka, Cumilla, Mymensingh, Jashore, Khulna, Sylhet, Barisal, Satkhira. We are expanding our business in other districts as well. M-World maintains a solid supply chain to ensure quality of the fish in terms of food safety and nutrition value of the ready fish. M-World also developed innovative awareness campaign to develop better food habit for the children and to include fish in the food menu by the children.